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ASU’s Major Students Activity Center Inaugurated

Monday 27 February 2017
Attended by ASU President Professor Mahfouz Jouda, the Students Activity Center was inaugurated by Vice-head of the Trustees Board Dr. Haytham Abdullah Abu-Khadeeja.
Abu-Khadeeja said that other than attempting to maintain academic distinction, ASU provided an appropriate educational environment which prioritized the students’ interest.
According to ASU’s future plan, a restaurant and café will be opened in the Faculty of Information Technology’s new building and in other faculties, he added.
Jouda said that the launch of SAC constitutes the continuity of ASU’s approach to care for the student and faculty member as the main axes of the educational process, along with the administrative staff.
All the means and facilities which contribute to the provision of quality services shall be made available to ASU’s community, according to Jouda.
SAC is of two floors. The first consists of a gym and billiard and PlayStation halls, whereas the second consists of an integrated press, library and the Square 360 Café.
On the other hand, the students expressed gratitude to ASU’s Administration for exerting much effort to maintain an excellent educational environment and family atmosphere which guarantee distinction in their academic and practical life.​