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Jordanian Ranking Standards Launched

Monday 16 January 2016
Under the patronage of HE Minister of Higher Education Professor Adel Al-Tuweissi, the Jordanian Ranking Standards were launched by the Higher Education Accreditation Commission in cooperation with ASU in its Conference Hall.
Al-Tuweissi said that introducing the national ranking would serve as a new motivation for Jordanian universities for more competition and action towards internationalism.
He considered the human capital to be the kingdom’s genuine treasure.
To compensate for the scarce natural resources, Jordan has cared for developing qualified human resources since the establishment of the state, he added.
He also explained that the national strategy to develop human resources took into consideration the following pillars: Pre-school, Basic, Secondary, Higher and Technical education, in addition to vocational training and labour market, showing how the outputs of each constitute the input of the next stage.
According to the official, the Higher Education scheme consists of 4 strategic targets, made up of 14 objectives which address the inputs, processes and outputs, in which the HEAC plays a vital role. Over the last few years, the HEAC has applied and developed the accreditation standards and, then, carried out the University Proficiency Examination to test the outcomes. However, its efforts have been incomplete due to the lack of a national ranking to bridge the gap of regulatory means at the universities.
Head of the HEAC Professor Basheer Al-Zu’bi said the 5 standards, with their 29 indicators, were selected as a congruent, coherent matrix in harmony with the Jordanian environment to push Higher Education to global competition.
The university ranking is based on giving a general 1 point out of 1,000 for each institution according to the 5 standards on the participating university’s capability and distinction in teaching, learning, research, international dimension, alumni quality and academic accreditations. They were all carefully reviewed among international rankings, he added.
The aim of the national ranking is to locate the participating universities according to the global standards in harmony with the Arab environment and in comparison to counterparts, Al-Zu’bi explained. These institutions are motivated and prepared to join international competition by means of reducing the gap with the top world universities, he added.
In his turn, ASU President Professor Mahfouz Jouda said the launch of the project was a step in the right way to attain a high level of quality according to international standards, leading to better Higher Education outcomes in the kingdom.
Finally, Head of the HEAC Quality Assurance Dr. Ahmed Mansour made a detailed presentation on the mechanism of applying for the Jordanian university ranking and the techniques of the quality system to be carried out by the HEAC.​