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Humanity Courses Unit


1. Department's Vision :
The department's vision goes in parallel with the University and the Faculty of Art's vision , looking forward to progress to accompanying the latest circumstances , aiming to reach outstanding and creativity to achieve the Comprehensive quality standards through the corses introduced by the department in all fields , especially in teaching , researching and training .

2. Department's Mission :

The department seeks through the teaching of courses to deal with various issues , to let the students aware about , environmental behavioral and social problems. In addition to develop students, positive abilities and tendances , and developing all student's personality in various Mental , psychological and social domains , to obtain self achievement , and strengthening loyalty to both country and nation .

3. Department's Objectives:

1) Providing students with skills and the Knowledge, of social cultural , behavior
efficiencies that are important to their scientific and practical life .

2) Applying comprehensive quality standards .

3) Participating in serving the local and the Arab society to achieve the University
mission .

4) Encouraging the cooperation with the local , regional and foreign educational and
academic establishment .

5) Give students the necessary inaccessibility to face the opposite intellectual currents
of intellectual , cultural and civilization trends.

6) Supporting the efforts of scientific research in various educational and social issues .

7) Teaching the university elective courses and the college elective and compulsory
courses through the teaching courses of psychology, sociology , education ,The man
and the Environment Scientific research, Introduction to philosophy , sport
and health .

8) Participation the members of the department to attend conferences, seminars , and
scientific workshops inside and outside Jordan .

9) Participating the local community to hold lectures and seminars related to social and
behavioral, educational issues that concern the local community .

10) Conducting scientific research by the members of the Faculty and the arbitration of
researches from different universities and institutes and supervising thesis as well as
composing text books in specialized areas .​

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