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Sharia and Islamic Studies



The Shariah and Islamic Studies department has been established ever since the establishment of the Faculty of Arts in 1991/92. It constituted an independent department after the separation of the Law section to form the Faculty of Law.

The study plan of this department combines two fields of study, Foundation of Fiqh (Usool Al-Fiqh) and Foundation of Religion (Usool Addeen), which are recognized and practiced by other Shariah colleges. Hence it is believed that specific specialization is fit for postgraduate level only.

The department consists of 6 staff members and 79 students at present. It participates in many of the university activities, especially the revival of religious occasions. The staff members participate in domestic as well as international conferences such as:

1- Deans of Arts Faculties Conferences in the Arab World .

2- Towards a Perfect Islamic Banking System Conference/ Amman .

3- Women’s and child’s right under the Positive, International and Religious Laws Conference / Yarmok University.

4- Teaching Prophetic Suna and its Sciences in Universities/ Zarqa University.

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Department of Sharia and Islamic Studies

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