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Scientific Courses Unit



     The vision of the Basic Science Department is to be the best among the Departments of the Applied Science University, in both educational and research processes and through its contribution to the local community. 


       The Basic Science Department is offering the basic science courses for engineering, pharmacy, information technology, and nursing students. The mission of the Department is to provide quality education to the students of the basic knowledge and scientific skills related to their field of specialization, by adapting teaching methodology that leads to improve their values and attitudes the university is keen to realize these values and attitudes to its students.


1- Recruiting distinguished human resources capable to lead the teaching and the research processes to meet the international standards of Quality Assurance of teaching and researching.

2- Gaining the students the basic knowledge and scientific skills related to their field of specialization.

3- Adapting a well known text books, identical that being adapted by the fine International universities.

4- Adapting syllabuses that show the scientific material at the beginning of each semester.

5- Adapting an evaluation procedure that shows the exams time table and the quizzes and the assignments.

6- Adapting teaching methodology that lead to improve students thinking.

7- Specifying the goals (objectives) for each course and to ensure that those objectives have been realized by students. 

8- Having a feed back process through a form of questionnaire to evaluate the extend of a achieving the objectives.

9- Diagnose the problems that might face the students, and having a solution for each case as a treatment. 

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