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Political Science


The Applied Sciences Private University is one of the leading Jordan Private Universities in establishing numerous scientific departments. Political Science and Diplomacy studies are one of these unique departments in terms of curriculum and diplomatic field of study.

The department-accredited by the Jordanian Higher Ed. Council in Feb, 10, 1997-has nearly 220 students from different Arab and other nationalities, as well as a sufficient number of highly educated academicians who graduated from highly prestigious universities.

To graduate with a B.A. in the field of political science and diplomatic studies, a student must successfully pass 132 credit hours in different major and minor fields of studies such as: International Relation, Diplomatic studies and Political studies, research methods, Islamic culture, Jordan political system, economics and computer science.


- To prepare and qualify its students for future career by providing them with needed skills and knowledge .

- To encourage its students to use scientific references related to their fields of study.

- Strengthening ties and relations with local and regional institutions.

- To develop scientific research in the department.

- Linking between theory and practice by adapting field training courses.


- Modernizing and adapting course syllabus.

- Conducting train courses for academicians.

- Participating in Scientific conferences and seminars.

- Recruiting qualified academicians.

- Enhancing usage and adaption information technology.

Future Outlook

The department of political science is looking for:

1.Offering a postgraduate program in different fields of political studies, international relations and diplomatic studies .

2. Establishing cooperative relations with similar institutions.

3. Enrolling more number of students in the department.

Job Opportunity Available To Graduates

The program of political science qualifies its students to work in many different private and public sectors such as :

1. Ministry of foreign affairs.

2. Ministry of planning .

3. Ministry of information.

4. Ministry of interior.

5. Parliament Consular House.

6. Diplomatic missions .

7. Internatonal organizations.

8. Free duties .​

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