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Political Science


Department of Political Science

It is one of the academic departments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences since the year (2006/2007), where it was established as a department affiliated to the Faculty of Economics since the University was founded in the year (1991), under the name - Department of Political Science and Diplomatic Studies.

What Distinguishes Specialization and its Plan:

This unique specialization is distinguished by its name and the comprehensiveness of its study plan among Jordanian universities in general. The Department includes the undergraduate program, in addition to a selected elite of faculty members who graduate from European and Arab universities that fall under different academic ranks, who teach between (1500 - 2000) university students each semester in addition to the department students. The number of credit hours for obtaining a bachelor's degree is (136) credit hours, divided into three specializations (political science, international relations science, and diplomatic studies). The student will complete his studies by preparing graduate research under the supervision of one of the Department's teachers in addition to receiving field training in one of the Jordanian governmental or private institutions, or the student's country and according to his will under the supervision of a specialized academic and field.

What encourages the student to study this major:

1- The globalization of specialization and its great importance for understanding the cultures of other societies.

2- See all political systems and know their types in the world.

3- Extending knowledge of political science through its three specializations (political science, the science of international relations, and diplomatic studies).

The Aim of Teaching this Major:

To produce a generation capable of reading and analyzing the political future of any issue, whether global or regional, based on the political evidence of these issues so that they can accurately understand all the dimensions related to these issues, and stand on all theories theoretically devoted to political science, describe it, analyze it, and then apply it if possible In practice, on the ground.

The institutions in which the student can work after graduating from this major:

1- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its missions abroad.

2- The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.

3- Public and private media institutions and outlets.

4- Advisors and coordinators in the National Assembly and Shura Councils.

5- Political analysts, information gathering and communication in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior, and other relevant ministries, intelligence and intelligence directorates, and all military and security services.

6- Consultants, researchers, public relations and media officials in banks, companies, and major national, regional and international institutions.

7- International employees for public international positions in international governmental and non-governmental (private) organizations.

8- Advisors in political parties and unions of all kinds.​​​

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Department of Political Science

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