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Two online lectures for university students to raise awareness of crime risks and how to confront them

The Department of Political Science / Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the Applied Science Private University, in cooperation with the Public Security Directorate, held two awareness-raising lectures for students of the subject of national education on the risks of crimes and how to confront them through the Microsoft Teams program. The lectures were presented by the lecturer First Lieutenant / Shady Elia Hilal Badr - Public Security Directorate / Administration Criminal information and under the supervision of Prof. Eman Fraihat.

 The lectures aimed to protect and educate students about the topic of crime in Jordan, its types, dangers, and ways to confront it before its occurrence, with a focus on the security services provided by the Criminal Information Department, as crime is one of the social challenges facing Jordan that emerged from the changes that afflicted society and the accompanying social problems that require treatment. And mitigate its effects on Jordanian society.

 It is noteworthy that holding such lectures embodies the university's vision of effective communication with all local community institutions, among which the Public Security Directorate is always distinguished in providing the best services to the country and the citizen, and it confirms that the relationship between the university and society is a reciprocal and participatory relationship.​​

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