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Strategic Plan


​The Faculty adopts ASU’s vision to achieve excellence in scientific and research fields and community service. It strives to accomplish this vision through a noble mission by continuing improvement in academic programs, scientific research, and community service. FOAH is committed to governance standards, aiming to enhance the elements of the learning and educational process and compete nationally and internationally.

FOAH has developed a strategic plan to qualify highly competent graduates, support and develop scientific research, and provide quality community service. This includes setting well-structured and adaptable study plans in line with the labor market needs.

FOAH takes pride in its faculty members who hold various academic ranks, and graduated from prestigious Arab and international universities known for excellence and quality. They have a credit of research in international and national journals and active participation in scientific conferences on and off campus.

FOAH places great importance on adhering to global standards in educational management and quality. In 2018/2019, it obtained the Quality Assurance Certificate issued by Jordan’s Higher Education Accreditation Commission. It continues to aspire for international academic accreditations to keep up with new developments.

As rigorous scientific research is a fundamental criterion for building a distinguished learning environment for any academic institution, FOAH encourages its faculty members to accomplish valuable research that adds qualitative contribution to the community. It aims for research impact that goes beyond campus and the nation, reaching global recognition through publications in Scopus and ISI databases. FOAH also encourages faculty members to form joint research teams within and outside the Faculty with external researchers.

​FOAH is equipped with advanced facilities, including specialized laboratories which meet international standards to fulfill students' needs. These include the Audio-visual Lab (9165), the Interpreting Lab (9173), and the TV and radio studio.​

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