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Center of Measurement and Evaluation
The vision:
The Measurement and Evaluation Unit strives to achieve a comprehensive and integrated system of measurement and evaluation of the targeted learning outcomes to achieve the highest levels of outstanding performance.
Continuous evaluation of teaching performance, standing on the effectiveness of faculty members, developing teaching strategies, and evaluation systems in light of quality standards.
Developing students' evaluation methods and tests, in order to achieve an advanced system that employs technology and has a high quality
Detecting students ’attitudes towards faculty members and teaching strategies.
Developing the capabilities of faculty members and different departments in the areas of measurement and evaluation.
Establishing treatment and development plans for the performance of the Faculty and students.
Determining the needs of the university environment in terms of facilities and placement for bodies related to development requirements.
Determining the nature of university activities, their effectiveness and achieving goals.

Drawing visions, plans, policies and goals for measurement and evaluation at the university level.
Spreading the culture of measurement and evaluation through holding training courses, workshops, lectures and seminars.
Providing support to the academic departments and the various units at the University in relation to the unit's tasks.​​
 Working to diversify measurement methods, and to adopt modern methods in the field of measuring and evaluating performance.
Preparing and designing questionnaires and data collection tools related to measurement and evaluation.
Continuous display of the results and analyzes resulting from the measurement and evaluation processes and making use of them in the continuous development process.
Continuous supervision of the various faculties' plans, schedules and tests.


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