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Arts & Humanities

About Faculty and History


The Faculty of Arts was established with the inception of Applied Science Private University (ASU) in Shafa Badran, Amman, in 1991/1992. Initially, it included departments which later formed new faculties at ASU, namely: the Department of Law and the Department of Fine Arts. In the early 2000, two of its specializations, Arabic Language, and Education and Social Sciences, were frozen. In 2006/2007, the Faculty introduced the Political Science Department. At that time it was named the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, encompassing five specializations: Sharia and Islamic Studies, Political Science, English Language/Translation, English Language and Literature, and a Master's in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies. In 2017, approval was granted to freeze the Master's program in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies due to a decline in student enrollment. It coincided with the Civil Service Bureau's classification of Political Science as a stagnant specialization.

Starting from 2019/2020, the Sharia and Islamic Studies Department became an independent faculty. The Master's program in Audio-visual and Mass Media Translation was introduced, along with the establishment of bachelor's programs in Chemistry and Mathematics. The Faculty adopted a new name – Faculty of Arts and Science. As part of its plan to develop academic programs, new scientific tracks were introduced in some departments to keep pace with global developments. In 2020/2021, a bachelor of Digital Media was introduced. In 2021/2022, approval was granted to freeze the Mathematics Bachelor program due to a shortage of enrolled students. In the same year, the Higher Diploma in Education was introduced. In 2022/2023, the Higher Diploma in Partisan and Parliamentary Work was introduced.

Starting from 2023/2024, the Chemistry and Mathematics departments, in addition to the Basic Humanities and Science/Science Courses Department, became an independent entity called the Faculty of Science. Consequently, the name of the original faculty shifted to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.
The Faculty includes four bachelor specializations: English Language/Translation, English Language and Literature, Political Science, and Digital Media. It also offers a master's program in Audio-visual and Mass Media Translation, in addition to a higher diploma in Education and another in Partisan and Parliamentary Work. There is also the Department of Basic Sciences/Humanities.​

It now contains four departments and seven programs:

 1. English Language and Translation Department:
​-         BA in English Language/Translation.
-         BA in English Language and Literature
-         MA in Audiovisual and Mass Media Translation.
2.  Department of Political Science.
-         BA in Political Science
-         Higher Diploma in Partisan and Parliamentary Work
3.  Department of Digital Media.
-         BA in Digital (Electronic) Me​dia 
4.  Department of Basic Sciences / Humanities:
-         Higher Diploma in ​Education.


The FOAH’s history dates back to the academic year 1991, along with the foundation of ASU. It was among the first faculties established at ASU and currently comprises four departments:

1. English Language and Translation

2. Political Science

3. Digital Media​

4. Basic Sciences/Humanities

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