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The Faculty dates back to the 1991 academic year in conjunction with the University's establishment. It is one of the first faculties established at the University. It now contains five departments:

1. English Language and Translation Department.

2. Department of Political Science.

3. Department of Chemistry.

4. Department of Digital Media.

5. Department of Basic Humanities and Scientific Sciences:

- Humanitarian subjects.

- Scientific subjects.

The Faculty adopts the University's vision of achieving excellence in the scientific and research fields, community service, and working to make the vision through a sublime message that seeks continuous improvement in academic programs provided by the Faculty, the scientific research, and the community service. Along with the adherence to governance standards to improve the elements of the educational and learning process and reach competition at an international and local level. The Faculty has drawn for itself a strategic plan aimed at preparing graduates with high qualifications, support, and development of scientific research skills. Also, the Faculty aims at providing a quality service to the community through the preparation of well-rounded study plans that can be developed to commensurate with the labour market needs.

The Faculty is proud of the academic staff members who hold different scientific ranks and graduated in the most prestigious Arab and international universities recognized for excellence and quality. They have research credits in global and local magazines and many participations in scientific conferences inside and outside the University.

Within the framework of the Faculty's development plan for academic programs, several new scientific tracks have been introduced in some departments to keep pace with the development in the world, to provide scientifically and practically qualified competencies as required by the labour market and required by development plans, including:

- Audiovisual and Mass Media Translation master's program.

​- Chemistry major.

The Faculty acknowledges the importance of adopting international standards in management and educational quality. Thus, it obtained a quality assurance certificate issued by the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for Higher Education Institutions in Jordan (HEAC) in 2018/2019. The Faculty strives to run for international academic accreditation to keep pace with everything new.

Because solid scientific research is an essential criterion in building the scientific-educational system for any distinguished scientific edifice, the Faculty spares no effort in motivating its employees to carry out scientific research with research value that provides a qualitative addition to society. Such as researches that have a broad and global impact, and exceeds the borders of the University and country by publishing in databases classified within the Scopus and ISI database. Faculty members are also encouraged to form joint research teams inside and outside the Faculty and with external researchers.

Given the importance of the scientific partnership between local and international universities, the Faculty signed joint cultural agreements with several universities such as: (May 29 University Istanbul / Turkey, Marmara University / Turkey / Cambridge University). Thus, achieving the principle of joint work that creates significant scientific and knowledge benefits represented in the transfer of experiences and ideas, and the integration of students into various scientific environments, enrich their culture and refine their personalities.

The Faculty includes several halls equipped with advanced capabilities and distinguished scientific laboratories according to international standards that meet the needs of students, such as the Laboratory of the English Language and Translation Department (audiovisual), and the laboratories of the Chemistry Department, among others.

The Faculty Deanship has had thirteen Deans respectively:

1. Dr Mahmoud Mughalsa (1991-1992)

2. Hani Al-Amad (1992-1993)

3. Prof. Fahmy Jadaan (1993-1994)

4. Prof. Mohamed Al-Farra (1994-1996)

5. Dr Hassan Taha (1996-1997)

6 Prof. Tawfiq Youssef (1997-1998)

7. Dr Yousef Abu Laila (1998-2000)

8. Prof. Kayed Qaraosh (2000-2006)

9. Dr Kazem Qattous (2006-2007)

10. Prof. Kayed Qaraosh (2007-2013)

11. Dr Iyad Nemer (2013-2018)

12. Dr Zakaria Al-Mobasher (2018-2019)

13. Dr Hadeel Al-Saed (2019 -)​



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