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Department of Basic Sciences\ Humanities


The Department was established in the Faculty to achieve the vision of the University and the Faculty that target the needs of students to support requirements or support for their different specialities and set a number of goals and objectives that would raise the level of students in various scientific and knowledge aspects and diversify images of knowledge and educate them with many societal and humanitarian issues. In addition to motivating them and involving them in joint work that develops their relationship with society and sharpens their determination to engage in matters of their community and enhance their affiliation. And work to build a communication relationship with the university library by organizing field visits for students to the university library, and organizing informative visits to the public, private and university libraries and their holdings. That is done by teaching a number of different courses between compulsory and optional university requirements. The teaching of these courses will be addressed by a group of qualified professors with doctoral and master's degrees.

The most important objectives of the section are as follows:

1. Enabling students to develop communication skills in Arabic and English to read, write, express and speak.

2. Contribute to guiding students' awareness of the errors and challenges surrounding their Arabic language and motivating them to respect and cherish their language

3. Contribute to serving the local and Arab community to achieve the university's mission. Doing so addressing the various social, behavioural, motor and environmental issues and problems and educating students about them. Besides, it focuses on developing their capabilities and positive attitudes to build the personal dimensions of the student's mental, psychological, social and sporting levels, leading to self-realization and strengthening the sense of belonging to the nation and the nation.​


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Department of Basic Sciences / Humanities

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