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High Diploma of Education


​​​It is an academic degree awarded by the Department of Education in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, which the student passes in one academic year. It is awarded to everyone who holds a bachelor's degree in any discipline regularly from any recognized university.

The program aims to develop the capabilities of workers in the educational field in the areas of leadership and modern educational practice, keep pace with the technological and electronic revolution in the educational process, and meet the need of the educational and administrative field by developing the expertise of educational cadres of teachers and counselors in the fields of educational, psychological and counseling sciences. Thus, the course aims to keep pace with contemporary educational, professional, and technical developments and to meet the need teachers, and achieve the following objectives:

- Develop learners' experiences in the educational field so that they have the ability to fill their job role and perform their educational mission in the teaching profession.

- Providing learners with the basics and educational and performance competencies necessary to develop students' personalities in schools, develop their abilities, and help them grow and adapt.

-  Providing learners with knowledge competencies related to the field of learning resources and educational technology.

- Providing the community with human cadres specialized in the field of education; Providing the best educational, professional, and research practices for students, developing their abilities and energies, and investing them in a way that enables them to integrate and positively interact in society.

The program is distinguished in the method of learning based on the principles and origins of educational education, which is linked in the light of the important development in the teaching and learning process and the modern electronic and interactive learning communication techniques. Furthermore, the program outputs in preparing the students affiliated with this program and empowering them to contribute to supplying the various fields of educational work with graduates with effective skills, skills, and academics.


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High Diploma of Education

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