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English Language and Translation


Establishment and History

The ASU was the first Jordanian private university to have established an academic department with two majors: English Language and Literature and English Language/ Translation, with highly qualified staff members for both majors. The Department was established in 1991 within the Department of Languages after which it became autonomous in 1993. Then it was accredited in 1994. The Department confers two Bachelor degrees in the two majors. The courses of the curricula of the two majors are designed in a way that the students of the two programs can study together cross-listed courses. Then each student studies the rest of the courses pertaining to his major.

The Department has two up-to-date multimedia language labs, one for Simultaneous and Consecutive translation and the other for Phonetics, Phonology and other language activities including grammar and reading comprehension.

Most of the Department students are Jordanian; Moreover, a considerable number of them come from neighboring Arab counties. There is an increasing demand in the domestic and regional job market for the efficient graduates of English language and literature as well as English Language/ Translation. The capacity of the Department is (480) students for English Language/Translation and (140) for English Language and Literature.

Now the Department has 8staff members with various specialties that cover all its essential academic fields.

The vision of the Department of English Language and Translation emerges from the concept that acquiring a foreign language expands transparency among cultures and human relations. This in turn encourages benefiting from the languages by imparting knowledge and experiences between both languages. It, furthermore, enhances and reinforces the need for continual communication that creates an atmosphere of appreciation and understanding based on shared cultural, scientific and academic principles.

The Department's mission is to enhance language skills providing high standard education to develop highly qualified and distinguished teachers of English and translators/interpreters according ho high international standards. These standards should meet and integrate both national and international standards to acquire high regional and worldwide recognition through the programs rigorous yet diverse activities. Graduate teachers of English and translators/interpreters shall contribute effectively to the national development and progress of the country, the region and the whole world in general. Moreover, encouraging scientific research is a main factor that can develop the country.


The Department programs aim to:

1) Prepare efficient English specialists and translators/ interpreters who appreciate and implement honesty, accuracy and integrity when handling both English and Arabic languages with utmost care, skill and professionalism.

2) Prepare efficient translators/interpreters who are highly skillful in the three domains of translation: the written, the simultaneous and the consecutive translation, from both languages.

3) Continually redesign and upgrade the program in terms of instruction and training.

4) Develop the students' communication and linguistic skills by providing a base of efficient knowledge of languages.

5) Provide graduates with the skills of critical and analytical thinking to enable them to appreciate and evaluate the texts that they deal with.

6) Provide graduates with the freedom of academic thinking and appreciation of teamwork within a spirit of cooperation among themselves and their society.

7) Establish channels of communication between the graduates and their local ​​communities.

8) Enrich graduates' knowledge of English language and its culture integrated in


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