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Digital Media


​Digital Media (Electronic)

Digital Media is a newmajor introducedat the Faculty of Arts and Science at ASU. Digital Mediais offered in a number of international universities in Europe and America as well asthe Arab world. The aim of this majoris to meet the needs of the global, Arab and Jordanian media market.Digital media is increasingly dominatingthe media market after the transformation of many international outlets from the print to the electronic form. This transformation increased the dependence on digital media by TVs and radio stations in various countries of the world along with the spread of social networking in an unprecedented way. 

The Program Objectives:

  • 1. Offering a bachelor's program in the field of digital media per the approved international standards.

  • 2. Graduating qualified students in the field of digital media capable of meeting the needs of the labour market in this field, which has become one of the most promising areas.

  • 3. Providing an integrated learning environment that ensures the quality of teaching and learning outcomes.

  • 4. Promoting the level of interaction and cooperation between the ASU and local and Arab communities.

  • 5. Preparing students technically and professionally to design, execute and plan all media operations related to the field of Digital Media.

  • 6. Encouraging students to take part in the development and rehabilitation of their societies through the dissemination of positive ideas and the use of the media for the purposes of development, construction and positive criticism.

  • 7. Helping students develop digital media in Jordan and the Arab world.

Why Study Digital Media at ASU?

Digital Media has become a major part of people's lives.More importantly, work opportunities in this field have increased significantly, which prompt individualsto think seriously of studying Digital Media to learn about the mechanism of digital media, the available market and the role of the media in our life.

The Significance of Studying Digital Media

The media, with its advanced means, is considered the most powerful modern tool of communication that helps citizens experience the different aspects of life and interact effectively with them. Moreover, the media has an important role in explaining several issues and putting them before the public. The 21st century comes with a new era in which the media has the last word in light of communication and information revolution. This revolution has led to tremendous development in information and communication technology where the worldbecame a small village.

In fact, in the modern era, the media has become an integral part of people's lives. Building nations- economically, socially and politically- entails the use of various media outlets. Moreover, development projects can only succeed with thepeople's participation and media help.

Career Chances:

The job opportunities for graduates of the Department of Digital Media are abundant including but not limited to:

  1. - News websites

  2. - Online Newspaper

  3. - Radio Stations and TV Channels

  4. - ​Websites of Governmental institutions and private companies.

  5. ​​

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