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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mrs. Kefah Khader

Acting Director of Library

The library was founded together with founding the university in 1991. After several years of work, the library now contains more than (130700​) library materials in Arabic and foreign languages. These materials serve all specializations taught by the university. The library also subscribes in many databases, which ​all are accredited according to the criteria of the university general accreditation and the specific accreditation of the programs offered by it.   

Since its founding, the university has shown a deep interest in the library. This interest began before completing the first building for it on campus. The early location of the library was in the university Liaison Center when it began to purchase books and subscribe in databases. The university recruited a number of competent officials in library science to set the library in proper operation. The library has used more than one computerized program to input the data of the library material and output it by first using FoxPro Program then Minisise Program and finally Library Management Information System which is now the working system.

The Library Occupies Building No. 8 (library) its area is more than (5400) square meters and includes technical sections and groups of books, periodicals, reading rooms. The capacity of the Library is more than 1000 readers at one time.

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3/28/2023 3:24 PM