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International Relations Office

International students affairs

The International relations office at ASU provides a full range of support services for future and enrolled international students in collaboration with the “International Student Affairs Department".

International students can ask for:

  • Guidance to select a suitable program of study.
  • Procedure and regulations for registration of new international students.
  • Orientation and academic counseling, tailored for international students throughout the chosen program of study.
  • Assistance in finding suitable accommodation for international students.
  • Assistance in the process of applying for annual residency for international students in accordance with requirements of the relevant authorities in Jordan.

In addition, the International Relations Office supported by the Deanship of Students' Affairs, helps in organizing cultural, social, and extracurricular activities for international students throughout their stay in Jordan.

Our professional team is ready to facilitate your admission process, wherever you are around the world. Prospective students who wish to apply for an undergraduate or postgraduate study at ASU, feel free to communicate with our staff at the below contact:

Contact Person:
Eng. Feda Yousef
International Student Affairs-Presidency Building 2nd Floor.
Tel: 00962-5609999 Ext: 1015
E-mail:  or ask for teams meeting
Online Application:

Registered students can ask for both online and in person support:

Contact Person:
Ms. Nour Khawaja
Admission and Registration Unit- 1st Floor
International Students Affairs
Tel: 00962-5609999 Ext: 1922
Or Submit your enquiry online: Request for support-International Students

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International Relations Office

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