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University Housing


The university is keen to provide all means of comfort and safety for students. Therefore, it provided Dormz university housing, which features:
- It offers a furnished studio - single and double rooms.
- Separate floors for males and females.
- Near all services.
- Availability of security systems such as smart keys.
- Wifi and room services.
- Security is available 24 hours.

Apartments' Fees manifest​

Contract Type


 (Every 4 months)


(Every 12 months)

​​ ​
Single Room
Monthly fees before the discount
​Fees after 20% discount180170160



​​ ​
Large Single Room2609602,520
Monthly fees before the discount260240210
Fees after 20% discount210195170


​​ ​
Double Room + Living Room260960​2,520
Monthly fees before the discount260240210
Fees after 20% discount210195170



​​ ​
Full Apartment4001,480​4,080
Monthly fees before the discount400​370340
Fees after 20% discount320​​295275

- All prices are based on a monthly basis.
- Discounts are according to the contract period and monthly payment.
- Each contract includes insurance returned at the end of the contract with a value of one month's rent from any contract that is signed.
- The contract for a period of one month does not include an insurance return.
- Services included in rent are 24-hour security, laundry and internet services.
- Electricity is not included in the rent and each studio has a separate meter that is charged according to the monthly consumption.

To communicate, inquire, and learn more about the university housing service through the following number:​​



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