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Services for people with special needs

​​​​ASU believes in serving all the segments of the community. Therefore, it attempts hard to offer male and female special-need students equal opportunities to their healthy counterparts to join all the educational programmes. To make available all quality facilities to such people represents one of the fundamentals of ASU’s planning and decision-making processes. In order to provide them with an appropriate environment with individual and collective services, there are special parks, lifts and lavatories ,and the library is equipped with; PCs for visually impaired students, pathways and toilets designated for people with special needs to help them play their role completely at ASU.

Based on the evaluation of each individual case and the availability of resources, the university through the Deanship of Students' Affairs,  and upon approval of relevant departments, provides the necessary support and services for students with disabilities. This includes:

  • 1- Personal assistants to help students with mobility impairment and physical impairments move around the university campus (this is governed by the number of available staff).
  • 2- Examination adjustments can be arranged by recommending extra timing and permission of usage of assistive technologies including PC's and related software.
  • 3- Early access to large-scale events for students who would face mobility difficulties or are nervous in crowds.
  • 4- Extended library material borrowing time. This will allow students with disabilities to keep library materials for longer, giving them more time to process the required information. 
  • 5- Priority in booking the university accommodation. Students that require reasonable adjustments made to their accommodation arrangements can access higher specification rooms and given the priority to occupy the ground floor rooms at no extra charges.
  • 6- Support services for hearing impaired students by providing upon request sign language interpreter and note-takers. ​​​

ADA designated parking and ramp access​

ADA toilet rooms




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