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Effects of some ecological factors on the density of wood of Thuja the Maghreb Teracilins articulate vahl Masters.pdf

The Measures Of Truthfulness And Falseness In language In the Light of Linguistics

 Al-Shiekh BadeeAl-Zaman Saeed Al-Nawrasi A Political

Applying Activity Based Costing (ABC) System on an Industry Jordanian  Company ( A Field Study )


Reorganization of Jordanian Cooperative Sector Reality and Ambitions

Ethical Rules of Financial Transactions in Islam

Testing the semi-strong form of efficiency of Algiers stock Exchange during 1999-2004 period Empirical study

The Changes of the Foreign Consonants in Al-lisan Al-Arabi Journal

The Impact of Marketing Innovation in the quality of banking services An empirical  Commercial Banks

Activity-Based Costing System (ABC) in the Higher Education Institutions An Applied Study in the Mu'ta

Assisting Factors in Detecting Audit Errors and Fraud An Empirical Study from the Audit Bureau Auditors'

Measuring the Quality of Lending Service

Relative Importance of Accounting Disclosures for Loan Granting by Banks

Rules of Transactions in Gold and Silver in the Islamic Law and their Contemporary Applications

The Effect of E-Auditing on the Quality of Evidence A Field Study

The Extent of the One-Man Company Conformity with the Jordanian Companies


Comparative study between Islamic juristic and Law

Creative Thinking Skills in Literary Textbooks for the Intermediate Stage in Saudi Arabia

Judging the Auditor's Performance in Jordan through some Individual Characteristics

La protection de l’environnement en Droit International Humanitaire



Simplifying Arabic Grammar by Ibraheem Mustafa

Smith and Teacher Decision Making A Critical Analysis

The Bank's Obligation to Restitute Deposited Securities

Factors Affecting the Spread of Electronic Banking an Empirical Study on the Jordanian Commercial Banks

Prescription of Actions of Labour Contracts in the Jordanian Law Comparative Study



The Extent of The Effectiveness of Budgets as A Tool for Planning and Monitoring In Gaza Strip Municipalities

The Rights of Inmates of Reform and Rehabilitation Centers in Jordanian Legislation and International Covenants



Transfer Pricing in Jordanian Manufacturing Companies

Bankruptcy Effects on Labour Contract

The Effect of Organizational Structure Dimensions on Empowerment

Tow Gasidas (poems) Elegizing Sa’ad Zaglhloul A Stylistic and Statistical

Contributions of organizational learning in the development of strategic thinking An analytical

The Applicable Law on the Arbitration Dispute

Difficulties Facing Pre-Service Student Teachers

The Extent to which Jordanian Private Hospitals Management

Translation of Parodies in Terry Pratchett's Witches Abroad and Wyrd Sisters into German

Factors Affecting the Auditor's Assessment of Principal Risk for the Purpose

Justice in Islam between absolute and Relative Equality_

History of Religious Judiciary in Jordan (1921-1989)

Measurement of the Effect of Capital Structure on Profitability

Provisions Pertaining to Delaying Charity Committees

The Effect of Organizational Learning Level on Job Performance A Field Study

The Feminine “Ta'” in Arabic Its Origins and Connotations_

The Role of Information Technology (IT) in Business Reengineering_

The Significance of Cash Flow Statement as a seen by Financial Analysts in Taking Decisions

The Status and Obstacles of Scientific Research in Administrativ​

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