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Management Information Systems


​Management Information Systems (MIS) is one of the scientific fields which connect business management methods with information technology in order to achieve organization's goals. MIS is concerned with exploring, analyzing, and integrating information management systems to simplify complex business processes and make the information highly valuable for organizations.

The MIS Department offers a Bachelor degree in Management Information Systems. The program requires the completion of 132 credit hours. The MIS curriculum and study plan are designed to reflect recent innovations and advancements in the fields of MIS.

MIS Program Learning Goals
- Students will acquire the most recent theoretical and practical knowledge in MIS.
- Students will develop problem solving skills.
- Students will develop effective communication skills.
- Students will develop relevant team-working skills.
- Students will demonstrate that they understand ethical and social responsibilities.

Job Opportunity Available to Graduates
​The MIS program qualifies students to work in several posts in the private and public sectors as follows:
- MIS Manager
- Business Intelligence Analyst   
- Web Site Manager
- Systems Analyst
- Database Analyst 
- Database Administrator 
- Network Administrator 
- IT Project Manager Leader
- ERP Specialist
- ECRM Specialist
- Systems Designer
- IT Consultant
- Technical Support Specialist