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Asmahan Altaher


​​• Altaher (2017) April keynote Speker in conference of Social Economic, Business and                Education. Budapest Hungary.Master International Research                                                     & DevelopmentCenter.

Altaher, A. (2015) introduce paper, Journal of arts and Science Conference, 2015 –                   Vienna-Austria. 

Altaher, A. (2014) the impact of knowledge characteristics on e-learning content.,                   Journal of arts and Science Conference , 2014 – Fribourg- Germany 

Sharing in ICERI2012 .5th International Conference of Education, Research and                      Innovation. Dates: 19th - 21st of November, 2012: Madrid (Spain)

Annual London Conference on” Money, Economy and Management” 9-10-2009 –                   The State of knowledge and Innovation Jordan communication firms”,                                       London.2009.

I-society .IEEE conferences, Critical success factors of implementation knowledge                     management processes. Asmahan Altaher. I-society – IEEE conferences, London,                   Juon-2010.

International Conference on Information and Knowledge-held in Paris, France during ​            June 24-26, 2011. The Impact of Knowledge Management Process in Jordan                            Industry  2011.

Al-zaytoonah University conference - Jordan, Faculty of Economics &Administrative                 Sciences. Knowledge Ethics-2005.

Al-zaytoonah University of Jordan.2008 Chang management &knowledge society-                   How knowledge transfers affects Reflection, Innovation in Jordan pharmaceutical                  industry-2008.

​• INTED CONFRENCE- SPAIN- VALENCIA 2009 - Knowledge Transfer in Jordan                                Pharmaceutical.

International Business Research Conference, Dubai 16-17-2009.
            Knowledge Transfer Techniques.

Applied science university conference. 2009- Knowledge Management                                      Requirements in Jordan communication firms – Dr Asmahan Altaher. & Dr.                             Ebrahim  Mansour.

The effect of knowledge characteristics in student performances: an Empirical Case                 Study. Computer Science and Application Journal,.  OL.1.No2. 2010.  ​