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Strategic Plan


To achieve excellence in the faculty academic programs, scientific research and community services in Jordan.


The faculty of Business seeks to improve its educational quality standards and prepare qualified graduates, through the commitment to academic excellence, encouragement of scientific research, enhancing students learning outcomes, providing supportive learning environment, effective teaching methods and community service.


- Inclusiveness and Diversity

 - Ethics

 - Governance

- Loyalty

- Teamwork


1.     Improving the quality of education.

2.     Enhancing scientific research.

3.     Promoting joint activities with local community.


1.  Recruit, develop and retain quality faculty members in various disciplines.

2. Attracting outstanding students and providing a high-quality education to compete in the labor market.

3.  Plan, develop and deliver quality management in education programs.

4.  Encouraging and supporting scientific research, to promote intellectual contribution.

5.  Developing and strengthen the relationship with the local community institutions.