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Strategic Plan

Leadership and excellence in university education in the areas of administrative sciences, scientific research, and community services.


​The Faculty of Business​​ seeks to produce quality graduates and encourage scientific research and effective partnership with the local community.



Justice and Integrity.

Virtue and Morality.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


Institutional and Transparency.  



Strengthening the concept of governance.

Encouraging scientific research.

Promoting joint activities with local community institutions.

Developing students' skills.

Improving the quality of education and obtaining national and international academic accreditation.



Deepening the concept of governance and its practice methods.

Supporting scientific research that contributes to the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Engaging in the local community service, strengthening the relationship, and achieving integration.

Developing the field training.

Attracting distinguished students.

Developing students' personality.

Appointing, developing, and retaining faculty members with experience, competence, and various specialties.

Pursuing the academic and administrative performance.

Developing a supportive learning environment.

Developing distinctive academic programs.