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Strategic Plan


To be one of the Leading Business Schools in the Region. 


Devoted to equipping learners with strong business acumen necessary for the 

successful engagement in the local and regional business environment, through 

providing quality education, impactful intellectual contributions, and effective 

societal engagement. 


1. Quality education 

2. Impactful intellectual contributions. 

3. Effective societal engagement.



1. Attract and maintain students with outstanding academic achievements. 

2. Offer dynamic academic programs. 

3. Support faculty members' academic proficiency. 

4. Promote FOB's research priority. 

5. Support faculty members in their research proficiency. 

6. Engage FOB in the sustainable development of the local community.


1. Governance and Strong Institution.

2. Ethics and Integrity.

3. Societal Impact. 

4. Continuous Improvement.

5. Diversity and Inclusion