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Faculty History

​​The Faculty of Business​ started its mission in 1991 as a distinguished beacon of academic and scientific education and research and is standing as a vital source of science and knowledge at Applied Science University the leader of private universities in Jordan. The Faculty of Economics & Administrative Science is accredited by the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The Deans of the ​Faculty of Business​​ since its establishment:

Dr. Tawfiq Hassou (1991-1994)
Prof. Basheer Al-Khudra (1994-1996)
Prof. Omar Aqili (1996-1997)
Dr. Fawzi Tim (1997-1998)
Prof. Ziad Ramadan (1998-2000)
Dr. Saad Al-Saad (2000-2001)
Dr. Mohamed Abdel Rahman (2001-2006)
Prof. Mahfouz Judeh (2006-2013)
Dr. Suzan Abed (2013-2015)
Prof. Imad Ramadan (2015-2016)
Prof. Salah Diab (2016-2018)
Prof. Qais Adib Al Kilani  (2018-present)