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Faculty Council

​Prof. Saleh Al-Okdeh            Dean's faculty 

Prof. Samer Barakat              Head of Management Information Systems Department

Dr. Nawras Al-Nusairat          Head of Marketing Department

 Dr. Yousef Abu Siam            Head of Accounting Department

Dr. Hamed Almahadin           Head of Banking and Finance Department

Dr. Omar Knaan                    Head of Business Management Department

Prof. Qais Al- Kilani               Banking and Finance Department Representative

Dr. Mohammed Idris              Accounting Department Representative

Dr. Dmaithan Al- Majali         Management Information Systems Department Representative

Dr. Ibarhim Mukattash           Marketing Department Representative

Mrs. Esra'a Al- Amayreh        Business Management Department Representative

Mr. Hadi Al fraa                      Community Representative for Business Faculty

Mr. Khalid Masoud                 Alumni Representative

Ms. Aya Masoud                    Student Representative