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Faculty Council

Prof. Saleh Al-Okdeh              Dean's faculty 

Prof. Samer Barakat               Head of Management Information Systems Department

Dr. Shaker Al-qudah      ​​     Head of Business Management Department

Dr. Yousef Abu Siam              Head of Accounting Department.

Dr. Anwar Gasaymeh             Head of Banking and Finance Department

Dr. Jassim Al-Gasawneh       Head of Marketing Department​

Prof. Ahmad Hanandeh         Business Management Department Representative

Dr. Mohammed Idris             Accounting Department Representative

Dr. Dana Al Najjar                  Banking and Finance Department Representative

Dr. Nawras Al-Nusairat          Marketing Department Representative

 Lec. Qais Al-Hammouri       Management Information Systems Department Representative

Mr. Khalid Masoud               Community Representative for Business Faculty

Mr. Ahamd Damoos              Alumni Representative

Mr. Faisal Harzallah               Student Representative