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About Faculty


The Faculty of Business is considered one of the top leading faculties in the private higher education sector in Jordan. Based on the university philosophy and its general objectives and mission, the Faculty of Business is continuously working on the improvement and adjustment of the quality of its educational programs and processes. The Faculty of Business offers both undergraduate and graduate levels programs, as follows:

Undergraduate programs:

-    Bachelor degree in Accounting (Arabic and English tracks).

-    Bachelor degree in Finance and Banking Management  (Arabic and English tracks).

-    Bachelor degree in Business Administration (Arabic and English tracks).

-    Bachelor degree in Marketing (Arabic and English tracks).

-    Bachelor degree in Management Information Systems MIS (Arabic Track).

-    Bachelor degree in Digital Marketing (English Track).

 -   Bachelor degree in Financial Technology and Risk Management (English Track). 

-     Bachelor degree in Artificial Intelligence in Accounting and Auditing (English Track).

Graduate programs:

-    Master degree in Accounting.

-    Master degree in Marketing.

-    Master degree in Finance and Risk Management

The Faculty of Business focuses on the integration between the theoretical and practical fields to prepare a cadre of future managers and leaders equipped with the knowledge and the tools to meet the demand of the different economic sectors as well as the labor markets both locally and regionally. It also contributes to the supporting of the development process and scientific advancements and is working to harness information and modern technology to prepare students according to the needs of this century.

FOB is also committed to continually develop its academic programs to keep it aligned with emerging needs of job market.  Accordingly, the Faculty shows a keen concern to revise and improve its curricula in light of job market requirements and to introduce specific academic programs that contribute to supplying the job market with qualified and specialized competencies.

All programs at The Faculty of Business  are intended to provide the knowledge and professional skills necessary for graduates to compete successfully in domestic and global job markets. This includes interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills, the ability to identify and solve problems, the ability to write and speak clearly, and the principles of ethics and standards of professional conduct. The Faculty of Business  is also concerned with the offering of practical training and internships programs to its students to act in accordance with its philosophy of practical application of theories and modern concepts. Thereby all students in all departments must complete a practical training program as a mandatory requirement for graduation; through which students complete an internship program aligning with the nature of his degree at a local or regional organization which enables the student to be prepared to perform the jobs and tasks required from his after graduation. Also, the Faculty of Business focuses on the interactive learning, through which, a number of experts from different sectors are invited to deliver lectures with a particular emphasis on practice. Such lectures are provided in specialized interactive learning halls designed for this purpose.​

FOB pays a special attention to local and international quality accreditation as a guarantee for upgrading the entire educational process. In line with this, the Faculty of Business obtained a local quality certificate-silver level, which is granted by the Commission for the Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions and its Quality Assurance in Jordan. On the international level, FOB obtained the eligibility for the AACSB (an International Accreditation Certificate) in 2018 as one of the first Business Faculties in Jordan. Furthermore, the Initial Self Evaluation Report (iSER) for The Faculty of Business was also approved by AACSB in 2021, suggesting that the faculty is a step far from being officially AACSB accredited institution and to become of the 5% accredited institutions all over the world.  Furthermore, the Marketing Department with its Bachelor's and Master's programs also obtained the IIMP international accreditation, granted by the International Association of Professional Marketers, located in Canada. This is indeed a milestone, qualifying the Department of Marketing at FOB to be the first academic department in Jordan and the Middle East to get this accreditation for all programs at a time.

The Faculty of Business has a group of distinguished faculty members with exceptional scientific and practical experiences and from different scientific ranks. Additionally, the Faculty has a talented cadre of administrative specialist performing secretarial and laboratory work.