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The marketing department in Applied Science Private University consider as one of the leading departments among Jordanian universities. It was established in early stages of the university starting in 1991. Since its start, the department focus addressed the issue of providing the local market with sufficiently qualified and skilful work candidates in the marketing field. Furthermore, to the bachelor's degree; the department offers a master's degree in marketing. Our graduates are highly esteemed and valued by a wide variety of local and Arab companies; this is proven by the many graduates occupying leading positions in many firms locally and across borders. In addition, a good number of local leading firms are tracking and recruiting our graduates each semester. The department celebrated the graduation of its first regiment of graduates in 1994/1995. 

The department revises the study plan regularly in order to keep in alignment with any emergent changes and advancements in marketing practices. Critical changes have been made i.e. adding new modules such as e-marketing and its applications as well as marketing information systems. Moreover, a sufficient attention has been paid to the practical side of many taught modules. The marketing department is committed to contribute in the progress of the marketing science, this is manifested through specialized marketing training courses targeting students at universities and local communities as well as a wide range of seminars and symposiums conducted internally and externally.

Marketing Program Learning Goals
- Students will acquire the most recent theoretical and practical knowledge in            Marketing.
- Students will develop problem solving skills.
- Students will develop effective communication skills.
- Students will develop relevant team-working skills.
- Students will demonstrate that they understand ethical and social responsibilities.

Job Opportunity Available to Graduates
The marketing program qualifies students to work in several posts in the private and public sectors as follows:
- Marketing Manager
- Marketing Expert
- Marketing Researcher
- Sales Manager
- Sales Supervisor
- Sales Representative
- Public Relation Officer