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Digital Marketing

​​About the Program:

Digital Marketing as an academic program is considered the first of its kind among Private Universities in Jordan. It is one of the quality majors that came in response to the requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the huge boom in information technology and the global shift towards the digitalization of the economy.

The courses of this program focus on highlighting the role of various means of modern technology in planning and implementing marketing activities, including the latest techniques and strategies, designing and managing Websites and in a way that serves business organizations in their approach to digitizing their activities and services and reaching customers in creative ways.

The program aims to prepare academically qualified and specialized cadres in the field of digital marketing, which makes them able to harness various means of modern technology and direct them towards achieving the goals of business organizations and various institutions efficiently and effectively.

Program Objectives:

  • ·  Introducing students to the most recent basic theoretical knowledge in the field of marketing and digital marketing.

  • ·  Introducing students to various modern technological methods and how to benefit from them in the field of digital marketing.

  • ·  Enabling students to be able to manage and implement various digital marketing activities.

  • ·  Providing students with the necessary analytical and deductive skills in dealing with practical cases in the field of marketing and digital marketing.

  • ·  Providing students with the specialized knowledge in the field of digital marketing techniques, which is necessary to qualify them to deal with digital marketing activities in practice.

Job Opportunities Available to Graduates 

·   Digital Marketing Manager

·   Electronic customer relationship management (supervisor/employee)

·   Social Media Marketing Manager 

·   Specialist e-mail Marketing

·   Mobile Marketing Specialist

·   SEO Specialist    

·   Content Marketing Specialist  

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