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Banking and Finance


​Department Overview 

The Department of Finance and Banking Sciences was established in 1991 as one of the departments in the Business Faculty. Including some well-qualified faculty members in various fields of knowledge such as: banks, investment, financial markets and financial risk management, who also have both diverse academic and professional experience in the financial and banking fields. 

Finance and Banking Department introduces distinguished contemporary academic programs in the field through (Arabic and English Tracks); supported by a practical research and field training, in conjunction with the recruitment of modern technology and specialized computer programs in education. Hence, graduates are qualified scientifically and practically. 

The Department also offers a unique master's degree in “finance and risk management"​, which is a distinctive program at the level of Public and private universities in Jordan, as well as regionally. This program is distinguished through building a curriculum that simulates reputable international academic programs, thus increasing employment opportunities among our graduates. ​


Achieving academic entrepreneurship and excellence in academic programs, scientific researches, and efficient cooperation with community based organizations. ​


Seeking to prepare a well-qualified graduates and professionals in the field of finance and banking with acquired academic skills, to be adapted with the recent competence in the job market. Also supporting and encouraging the scientific research. In addition, effective partnership with community based organizations.

​Department Goals:

1. Providing students with the required academic and professional skills to be able to compete in the job market.

2. Recruiting and retaining distinguished faculty members.

3. Supporting and improving the scientific researches in Finance and Banking.

4. Promoting joint activities with community based organizations to achieve sustainable development.

Learning outcomes:

  • - Students will be able to acquire recent theoretical and practical knowledge in Finance &Banking.

  • - Students will be able to develop problem solving skills.

  • - Students will be able to develop effective communication skills.

  • - Students will be able to develop team-working skills.

  • - Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of both ethical and social responsibilities.


  1. 1. Banks of different nature.

  2. 2. Insurance Companies.

  3. 3. Investment Companies.

  4. 4. Financial Institutions.

  5. 5. Financial Markets.

  6. 6. Finance Department in Ministries and Govt. Authorities.

  7. 7. Companies` Finance Departments.

  8. 8. Financial Consultancy Companies.

  9. 9. Exchange Companies.

  10. 10. Risk Management Departments.

  11. 11. Independent Project in the Field of Finance Investment.

  12. ​​