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The accounting department is considered one of the departments that accompanied the foundation of the Applied Science Private University in 19/10/1991. The program was specially accredited by the higher education board in HKJ in 10/4/1995. At the beginning of the academic year of 2009/2010, and in the line with the local and global challenges, the department launched new track in which the accounting courses in the curriculum are taught in English.

The department also offers a postgraduate program (Master) in accounting which was specially accredited in the decision No. 2122 in the higher education board's meeting No. 21/2007 in 6/6/2007.

The use of modern science overwhelms the accounting department. Thus, the department members endeavor to provide graduates with the most recent accounting knowledge and techniques and to enable them to innovate and face challenges. To this end, the accounting curriculum is continuously updated to meet the latest developments in the areas of knowledge, technology, and the market. Similarly, the curriculum of the Master's program has been also updated in the academic year of 2015/2016 to match the latest scientific developments.

To equip the graduates with latest market requirements, the department prepare many professional training courses (e.g. CPA, CMA, JCPA, etc.) as well as short courses (e.g. financial statement analysis, bank reconciliations, intermediate accounting from IFRS perspective, etc.).


The department of accounting looks for continual entrepreneurship and excellence in its academic programs, scientific research, and community service.


​To prepare graduates who are academically qualified and specialized in the field of accounting through providing comprehensive educational environment, supporting scientific research, and encouraging effective partnership with community-based organizations.


Accounting Department Goals:

1- Provide students with recent accounting knowledge and techniques to enable them of working in the various accounting fields.

2- Encourage and improve scientific research among department members.

3- Holding training courses (e.g. CPA, CMA, JCPA, etc.) specialized to meet young accountants' ambitions of succeeding in the various fields of the accounting practice.

4- Attract qualified academics and enhance the competency of current department members to sustain modern improvements in accounting research and competencies.

5- Develop students' skills through applying recent accounting software, team work, and the use of English language and modern methods in the educational process.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

- Students will acquire the most recent theoretical and practical knowledge in Accounting.

- Students will develop problem solving skills in Accounting.

- Students will develop effective communication skills.

- Students will develop relevant team-working skills.

- Students will demonstrate their understanding ethical and social responsibilities.


Job Opportunities 

The Accounting degree qualifies students to work in the following fields: 

1- Financial Accounting (Revenues Accounting, Purchases Accounting, Banks, Payroll Accounting)

2- External and Internal Auditing

3- Managerial and Cost Accounting

4- Tax Accounting

5- Financial Analysis