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Accounting involves the process of recording, classifying, and summarizing economic events in a logical manner for the purpose of providing complete, reliable and relevant information to aid the stakeholders to make sound decisions on timely bases. To approach to this ending, the accountant must have a thorough understanding of the processes, procedures, rules, instructions, regulations and the standards enacted by the governing bodies of the profession. 
The Accounting Department offers a Bachelor degree in Accountancy for both paths English and Arabic. The program requires the completion of 132 credit hours. The Accounting curriculum and study plan are designed to reflect recent innovations and advancements in the fields of Accountancy. On the other hand, the department offers postgraduate program (Master). The program is accredited by the higher education board in HKJ during the academic year 2007.
The Accounting section usually hold specialized training courses (CMA, CPA, JCP, etc) and short term training courses in the various fields of accounting to secure that the students qualifications are aligned with the market requirements.

​Accounting Program Learning Goals
- Students will acquire the most recent theoretical and practical knowledge in Accounting.
- Students will develop problem solving skills.
- Students will develop effective communication skills.
- Students will develop relevant team-working skills.
- Students will demonstrate that they understand ethical and social responsibilities.

Job Opportunity Available to Graduates
The Accounting program qualifies students to work in the following fields in the privately and publicly held organizations:
​1. Financial Accounting (Account receivables, Account Payables, Banking, Payroll Accountancy, Pricing)
2-Auditing (External and Internal Auditing)
3-Management Accounting (Cost accounting, budgeting)
4- Taxation 
5- Financial Analysts