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Artificial Intelligence in Accounting and Auditing


The Artificial Intelligence in Accounting and Auditing is the first program of its kind in Jordanian and regional universities. The program is one of the perceptive disciplines that came in response to recent artificial intelligence revolution and digital transformation in the business environment. The program introduces students to the required foundations in the field of accounting and auditing on the one hand, and the use of applications relative to artificial intelligence, big data, and analytics as a valuable tool that supports various accounting activities and services on the other hand.

The study plan of the program is designed to provide students with basic skills in accounting and auditing, scientific background based on a solid theoretical basis, and the ability to employ artificial intelligence applications to enhance students' knowledge of methods of deep analysis of financial data and help in planning, financial forecasting and administrative decision-making. With such knowledge and skills, the local and regional labor market would be supplied with distinguished graduates who are able to meet future needs of the accounting and auditing profession.


Program Goals:​

Provide students with recent knowledge in the fields of accounting, auditing and artificial intelligence applications


Develop students' skills in using artificial intelligence applications for planning, analysis, financial forecasting and decision making


Differentiate graduates of this program to be the first choice for local and international auditing, accounting and consulting firms

Developing students' effective communication skills

Developing students' teamwork skills

Develop students' ability to demonstrate their understanding of ethical and social responsibilities


Job Opportunities 

Work as a competent accountant in various companies who are able to deal with artificial intelligence applications

Work as a competent auditor in various companies who are able to deal with artificial intelligence applications

A financial analyst with the ability to plan and forecast in financial investment firms and banks

Work as an auditor in auditing, and financial and tax consultancy firms

Work in the financial departments of ministries and governmental entities