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Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences

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The Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences at Applied Science Private University is considered one of the leading and outstanding faculties among private sector universities in Jordan that is growing year by year to provide the community with distinguished and specialized graduates who will serve our country and the Arab world in general. The faculty is currently including two departments; Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, and the Physical Therapy. Each offers academic programs that promote a multidisciplinary approach and encourage interdisciplinary research.

In light of the foregoing, the faculty is constantly working on updating its study plans, attract prestigious academic competencies, upgrade its infrastructure, to get supplied with modern machines and equipment, and strive to strengthen its partnerships with the authorities involved in supporting medical professions at the local and international levels and in the academic and professional fields. These experiences will help the students to take on multidisciplinary roles in academia, research, and industry, thereby creating a cadre of independent practitioners, consultants to become competent and compassionate public health leaders of tomorrow.

The next few years of strategic planning will be full of success and excellence, for all the magnificent efforts that the faculty had put, and continues to put, in the development of medical educational process to reach the level of the world's highest universities. The faculty is looking forward to expand in other scientific fields through initiating new programs soon, and plans to offer MSc programs in allied medical science specialties are also in the pipeline.

The Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences achieves its mission, vision, and core values that emphasize on Teaching/Learning, where theoretical teaching in classes corresponds with the clinical learning that takes place in specialized labs and hospitals, critical thinking skills needed to promote self-directed learning and evidence-based practices, conducting and publishing scientific research and participation at local and international scientific conferences, the values of contributing to society through education and community services, and continuous quality improvement.

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Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences

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