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Admission & Registration

Vision mission Objectives


Making a distinguished model of innovation in accordance with up-to-date systems, technologies and methods at the service of students, in a bid to become among prominent national and Arab universities 


Quality and distinction in employing all the potentials and information technology to meet the students' requirements and aspirations in harmony with international standards


1. Academic registration and guidance according to systematic methods and technical advancement

2. Preparation of new students to life

3. Awareness-raising among students about regulations and systems related to study and examinations

4. Provision of top academic guidance services to students by using information technology

5. The continuing development of approved regulations

6. The continuing development of ARD staff's skills

7. Careful follow-up on student's academic affairs


Responsibilities of the Admission and Registration Department 

- Admitting new students according to the admission criteria issued by the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (Bachelor’s, Higher Diploma, Master’s). 

- Creating a special file for each student containing the required documents, after entering the data into the computer system, verifying it, and then saving it in the filing department. 

- Answering admission-related inquiries via phone and email. 

- Providing the colleges with external equivalencies for new students and following up on them. These are then verified, entered into the computerized system, and a statement is issued for review by the student. 

- Preparing the Academic Calendar. 

- Entering the course schedules received from the colleges into the computerized system after verification and announcing them to students before the beginning of the semester according to the academic calendar dates. 

- Making the necessary arrangements for the registration of university students in various courses at the beginning of each semester and carrying out the add/drop process according to the regulations. 

-  Following up on academic procedures for students (postponement, withdrawal, change of major). 

- Preparing various statistics about students in all colleges, preparing final exam schedules at the end of each semester, and managing the distribution of examination rooms. 

- Preparing lists of students expected to graduate, including organizing files and reviewing study plans by registrars, and sending them to the concerned faculties for approval. 

- Receiving final exam results, recording grades for students, and calculating their semester and cumulative GPAs. 

- Preparing lists of students on academic probation and those dismissed and notifying them of their academic status. 

- Issuing graduate certificates, printing transcripts, and providing required documents in both Arabic and English. 

- Participating in the preparation and organization of the annual graduation ceremony. 

- Providing the computer center with the necessary information and data for admission, exams, and programs. 

​- Implementing all tasks related to awarding academic degrees at the university. 







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