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Admission & Registration

Registration Instructions For New Students

​1- The student fills the application form for enrollment in the Admission and Registration Department, then chooses the major he/she wishes to study according to the available vacancies in the majors, and submits the form attached with the documents to the admission department employee in the Admission and Registration Department.​

2- Students are accepted and given university numbers.

3- Students are provided with the student's guide that contains the internal instructions at the University.

4- The student pays the financial dues in the financial department.

5- The student goes to the academic advisor at the college or the head of the department to choose the subjects he wishes to register.

6- The student then reviews the Admission and Registration Department to confirm the schedule electronically and obtain a printed copy of it.

7- The student reviews the Deanship of Student Affairs to issue his university card.

8- The student pre-books the level exams (Arabic language, English language, and computer skills) through the fund by paying the value of the exam and obtaining a receipt stating the date of each exam, the hall number, and the exam hours.

9- International students should refer to the Department of Foreign Affairs to complete the residence transaction.

10- Students should contact the e-service administrator to obtain a password for e-services.

11-Students who hold a Computer Driving License (ICDL) are exempted from taking a computer skills exam.

6/24/2020 2:38 AM