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Admission & Registration

Registration Employees

Director of the Admission and Registration Dept. 
Mohammad Ghazi Al-Mufti 
Ext. no.: 1237​

                      Ghada Ahmed Khreisha 
       Head of Admission and Registration Dept
                        Ext. no.: 1112 – 1131​​ 

                               Sameer Al Rahahleh 
             Admission and Registration Assistant Manager                              ​​
                                    Ext. no.: 4006
​Tamar Haroun
Admission and Registration secretary
Ext. no.: 1112 – 1131
​Nadia Atallah Al-Quraan
Director of the Admission and Registration Dept. Secretary
Ext. no.: 1237
Abdalrahman Al-Adwan
Admission Officer
Ext. no. : 1131
Iman Ghaleb Khdeir
New students admission
Ext. no.: 1049
Duaa Al-Hajjaj
New Students registrar
Ext. no.: 1049 – 1076
​Lana Al-Agha
New Students registrar
Ext. no.: 1049 
Shireen Abdallatif
New Students registrar
Ext. no.: 1076 
​Aya Abu Odeh
Faculties of Graduate studies registrar
Ext no.: 1345
Hazar Jamal Abu-Zamzam
Pharmacy Faculty registrar
Ext. no.: 1244
Rasha al-Nashashibi
Faculty of Engineering registrar .
Ext. no.: 1244
Eman Mahmmoud Masoud
Faculty of Nursing registrar
Ext. no.: 1083
​Baraa Alsarayreh
Faculty of Dentistry and Allied Medical Sciences Registrar
Ext. no.: 1082
​Dina Al-Edwan
Faculty of information technology registrar
Ext. no.:  1246  
​Hiba Shahrour
Faculty of Law
Ext. no.:  1246

​Tasneem Freihat
Faculty of Art
Ext. no.: 4005
​Kifah Eid Al-Natsha
Faculty of Business registrar
Ext. no.:1461
​Raya Al-Ghnemat
Faculty of Science and Sharia and Islamic Studies registrar.
Ext. no.: 1084​
​Yasmeen Alshinkat
Faculty of Sciences Registrar.
​Ext. no.: 1083

Huda Al-Adwan
Faculty of Business registrar.
Ext. no.:1461

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