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The Admission and Registration Department is one of ASU's major pillars, due to its huge responsibilities. ARD is in charge of carrying out the articles and rules of the study system and follow-up on the student's learning track according to specialization from admission to graduation. It provides the student with academic and technical services as well as executes study plans in all specializations in cooperation with faculty deanships, faculty members and academic guides to control the graduation process as well as grades saving and announcement. In addition, thanks to its faith in the vital and effective role by ASU's educational process, ARD strives to overcome all the difficulties encountering the students while making good communication with them.

Our sense of responsibility towards our students pushed us to establish this website. ASU employs the broad internet space so that a learner would find no barriers of time or geography to knowledge.

We apply the study system in accordance with ASU's regulations and rules with regard to admission and registration policies, transference procedures and educational process follow-up from admission to graduation. Thus, as a prominent university, we have to plan a distinct track which is congruent to advancements, open to the globe, adaptive to modern scientific conditions and in harmony with technological development. This has been translated into action by a number of steps, such as the present website, which attempts to serve as many students as possible. For instance, they can find necessary information, like study plans, syllabuses for different specializations; register, add and withdraw courses; review their academic status; and view effective regulations and rules and different announcements. There are also services for the browsers looking for information related to tips on the mechanism of admission to different specializations, tuition fees, application dates and other developments.

Finally, we are glad to provide accurate information to anyone at any place in the open cyber world, so it can be our medium of contact.

1/24/2018 3:50 PM