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1- Scholarships:

- The Applied Science Private University offers special scholarships for outstanding athletes.

- The Applied Science Private University offers social grants of up to 25% for all disciplines.

- The Applied Science Private University offers grants of up to 25% for memorizing the Holy Quran or parts of it.

2- Workers Children Grants:

- The Applied Science Private University offers discounts to its employees as follows:

- 20% for all majors under three years.

- 25% for all specializations, provided that they complete three years.

- 35% for those who have reached five years of service or more, with the following specializations:

1- Pharmacy.

2- Mechanical Engineering.

3- Industrial Engineering.​

50% for those who have more than five years of service for the rest of the majors.​

6/24/2020 2:30 AM