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Grants and Discounts

Grants and Discounts

Academic grants

ASU offers annual grants and discounts on credit hours as follows:

I. Discounts

  1. 1- 10% for the children of ASU founders and equivalent shareholders who own 5,000 or more shares, provided that their ownership is, at least, 1 year old

  2. 2- 10% for each of the brothers/sisters registered at ASU

  3. 3- 10% for martyrs’ children, provided that the whole number at ASU does not exceed 10 students.

  4. 4- 10% for affiliates or retirees of the Military Forces

  5. 5- 20% for staff members’ children

  6. 6- 50% for disabled students

  7. ​7- Distinguished athlete students are given discounts in accordance with particular rules, with maximum 5 students annually.

  8. 8- 25% for the students who have memorized the Noble Qur’an

  9. 9- Discounts according to the Secondary Certificate average

  10. 10- 50% for male and female Nursing students

  11. 11- 50-100% for Sharia students

  12. 12- Discounts for the students who move from other universities to certain ASU specializations according to their average

II. Excellent students’ grants

Excellent students are given various hortatory grants depending on their cumulative average.

III. Social grants

Annually, ASU offers 30 grants covering 25% of the tuition fees. To this end, a committee is formed by the President to decide on the candidates according to particular standards.

General notes:

  1. 1- A student m​ay not combine more than one grant or discount.

  2. 2- In II. And III. Above, the grant shall not exceed JD250.

  3. 3- The President shall be responsible for carrying out the above regulations.

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