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Discounts for collage students


 SpecializationsPrice in JDDiploma AverageDiscountPrice after discount
Expand/Collapse Arts and Humanities Arts and Humanities
English Language/Literature85 JDAll students50%42.5
English Language/Translation85 JD68% - 79.9%40%51.0
English Language/Translation85 JD80% and more50%42.5
Political Science60JDAll students50%30.0
Digital Media80 JD68% - 79.9%45 %44.0
Digital Media80 JD80% and more50 %40.0
Expand/Collapse Science Science
Chemistry60 JD68% - 79.9%25%45.0
Chemistry60 JD80% - 89.930%42.0
Chemistry60 JD90% and more40%36.0
Expand/Collapse Faculty of Business Faculty of Business
Accounting100 JD68% - 79.9%45%55.0
Accounting100 JD80% and more50%50.0
Marketing95 JD68% - 79.9%50%47.5
Marketing95 JD80% and more60%38
Business Administration95 JD68% - 79.9%40%57.0
Business Administration95 JD80% and more50%47.5
Finance and Banking95 JDAll students50%47.5
Management Information Systems85 JDAll students50%42.5
Digital Marketing100 JD68% - 79.9%30%70.0
Digital Marketing100 JD80% - 89.935%65.0
Digital Marketing100 JD90% and more40%60.0
FinTech and Risk Management 100 JD68% and more50%50.0
Artificial Intelligence in Accounting and Auditing110 JD68%-79.9%35%71.50
Artificial Intelligence in Accounting and Auditing110 JD80% and more40%66.0
Expand/Collapse Faculty of Law Faculty of Law
Law 65 JD68% - 79.9%35%42.25
Law65 JD80% and more50%32.5
Expand/Collapse Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Engineering
Electrical Engineering/ Telecommunications & Computer125 JD70% - 84.9%50%62.5
Electrical Engineering/ Telecommunications & Computer125JD85% and more60%50.0
Mechanical Engineering125 JDAll students50%62.5
Industrial Engineering125 JD70% - 89.9%40%75.0
Industrial Engineering125JD90% and more50%62.5
Civil Engineering130 JD70% - 89.9%60%52.0
Civil Engineering130 JD90% and more70%39.0
Architecture130 JD70% - 89.9%40%78.0
Architecture130 JD90% and more60%52.0
Renewable Energy Technology Program80 JD68% - 79.9%50%40.0
Renewable Energy Technology Program80 JD80% and more60%32.0
Expand/Collapse Faculty of Nursing Faculty of Nursing
Nursing80 JDAll students40%48.0
Expand/Collapse Faculty of Art and Design Faculty of Art and Design
Graphic Design105 JD68% - 79.9%50%52.5
Graphic Design105 JD80% and more60%42.0
Interior Design105 JD68% - 79.9%40%63.0
Interior Design105 JD80% and more50%52.5
Design for Digital Media105 JD68% - 79.9%40%63.0
Design for Digital Media105 JD80% and more50%52.5
Expand/Collapse Faculty of Pharmacy Faculty of Pharmacy
Pharmacy125 JD70% - 94.9%35%81.25
Pharmacy125 JD95% and more45%68.75
Expand/Collapse Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences
Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics65 JD68% - 79.9%10%58.5
Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics65 JD80% - 89.9%15%55.25
Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics65 JD90% and more25%48.75
Expand/Collapse Faculty of Information Technology Faculty of Information Technology
Computer Science90 JD68% - 74.9%35%58.5
Computer Science90 JD75% - 79.9%35%58.5
Computer Science90 JD80% - 84.9 %40%54.0
Computer Science90 JD85% - 89.9%45%49.5
Computer Science90 JD90% -94.9 %50%45.0
Computer Science90 JD95% And more60%36.0
Software Engineering100 JD68% - 74.9%35%65.0
Software Engineering100 JD75% - 79.9%35%65.0
Software Engineering100 JD80% - 84.9 %40%60.0
Software Engineering100 JD85% - 89.9%45%55.0
Software Engineering100 JD90% -94.9 %50%50.0
Software Engineering100 JD95% And more60%40.0
Cybersecurity & Cloud Computing100 JD68% - 74.9%35%65.0
Cybersecurity & Cloud Computing100 JD75% - 79.9%35%65.0
Cybersecurity & Cloud Computing100 JD80% - 84.9 %40%60.0
Cybersecurity & Cloud Computing100 JD85% - 89.9%45%55.0
Cybersecurity & Cloud Computing100 JD90% -94.9 %50%50.0
Cybersecurity & Cloud Computing100 JD95% and more60%40.0
Expand/Collapse Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies
AL-fiqh (Jurispru​dence)50 JDAll students50%-100% 

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