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Administrative Departments

Safety & Security Department

​​​Given the importance of security and public safety in the stability of the university students and staff and to maintain the good reputation of the university, the duties of each of the internal security and external security and public safety has been prepared as follows: 

* First, the duties and responsibilities of internal security
Maintain the reputation of the university and its place among public and private universities and against any other negative rumors or propaganda by participating in studying these rumors and finding solutions for it and implementing these solutions and working on preventing it in the future. 
Coordinating with university employees according to the chain of command for keeping updated directly on the recent developments and security issues that might occur in various university departments and follow-up on these issues and report to the university president of any security violations.
​​Monitoring the activities and meetings that are held in various university departments and report to the university president on any security breaches associated with it. 
Monitor any negative student activities that occur within the university campus and follow-up on it and observing the activists and report them to the university officials. 

bserving any non-university students or employees who are entering the university regularly aiming at the exploitation of students or staff to achieve illegal aims and objectives that are contrary to university regulations, such as strikes and drugs, including any unethical conduct. 

Following up the issues of wanted students and staff and reporting to the university president on any developments related to these people. 
Preventing the admittance of firearms and any sharp tools and reporting to the university presidency of any breach. 
Controlling the entry of publications, leaflets and posters that are prohibited or not authorized officially by the competent organs of the state and the university president and reporting of any violation of this type and confiscating all materials and taking appropriate actions. 
Taking action against department's problems related to students unrests in the classroom. 
Perform any duties or tasks assigned to this department by the university president. 
Issuance of cars entry permits to campus.
 * Second, the duties and responsibilities of the External Security Guard University properties, buildings, installations and equipment and report on any problems. 
  •     Guarding the university main entrances. 
  •     Checking the identities of all visitors to the university. 
  •     Guarding the University perimeter and fences. 
  •     Securing the organization of parking student's garages and guarding it. 
  •     Prevent the exit of any equipment or property except by officials consent.  
  •     Control of all the workers of companies that operate within the campus and               issuing of permits for entry and exit from the university. 

* Third, the duties and responsibilities of public safety
Preserve the efficiency and readiness of all fire equipment available in the university and maintaining it, including fire extinguishers, manual and automatic, water cannons and automatic fire  alarms. 
Working on the continued readiness and efficiency of personnel in the department of safety and fire-fighting in terms of training, knowledge, and acting quickly in special cases that require,   along fire fighting, evacuation, rescue and first aid. 
Conducting special training courses for fire control for all personnel at the university to support the safety teams in case of emergency. 
The immediate reporting of any case of risk, and taking swift and decisive action to prevent the occurrence of anticipated danger, such as power cables, heating boilers, fuel, oil, gas in kitchens, restaurants, chemicals stores and furniture. 
Control the public safety for individuals in terms of throwing cigarette butts and the use of heating equipment the wrong way, which may cause the occurrence of a huge fire. 
Monitoring all the workers of the companies operating within the campus, and to what extent they are abiding by safety and prevention guidelines, especially with regard to the use of equipment and electrical wiring. 
Emergency preparedness and preparation of the necessary equipment.
Inspection of health matters at the university, which include cafeterias, kiosks, in terms of hygiene and validity of the material for human consumption. 
Control water tanks continuously for fear of contamination or the presence of any impurities and make the monthly checks to ensure the cleanliness of water. 
Continuous inspection on labs to give instructions on how to deal with the chemicals and methods of storing it and supplying public safety equipment. 
Checking the safety of buildings in terms of electrical lines and points and any other matters affecting public safety. 
Checking materials such as first aid kits and ensuring the presence of medication in it.
Coordination with the Directorate of Civil Defense to hold courses, seminars and cooperation to face any natural catastrophes. 
Receiving fire fighting equipment in buildings and ensuring their conformity with international standards and determining their location. 
Perform continuous daily field tours inside the university campus in order to remove the causes of risks. 
Provide all the offices and laboratories with brochures and guidelines to face any event of fire or earthquake, God forbid.


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