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Administrative Departments

Public Relations

The vision of public relations sets out for forming a good image about the university , recruiting new students , and facilitating applications of non-Jordanian students who intend to study in the university .
The vision also brings out the university activities and achievements for the society by using up-to-date technical methods , follows up all technological developments , prepares and plans future policies of the university .
The vision of the Public Relations Office focuses on making the objectives capable of catching up with the holistic development of the university and the widening domain with which the university deals .

The mission of public relations emerges from conveying the image of the university inside and outside it with the various relevant institutions and offices and constructing bridges of cooperation with them, which contributes to introducing the university's mission and objectives , which are among the necessary vital activities for enhancing and reinforcing the university's relation with its inner and outer community , establishing positive concepts on the university , and creating a good image about its academic , research and social activities .
The mission also works for faciliting the work of teaching and administrative cadres , as well as eliminating obstacles faced by them and following up the affairs of non-Jordanian students for processing their study procedures in the university .

  1. To catch up with the university progress and development in all fields .
  2. To patronize sound human relations with the society , and win friendliness of the masses.
  3. To create bases of mutual understanding and cooperation between the university and educational and economic institutions as well as the domestic community .
  4. To realize good reputation for the university , and help in disseminating its services and ideas to the masses by introducing the university's philosophy , objectives and activities .
  5. To strengthen the university's relation with domestic and foreign institutions via mutual programs and visits , organize conferences and exhibitions and participate in them in various fields .​

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