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Public Relations and Community Service Office

The Public Relations and Community Service Office is the main nerve of any institution, as it is the link between the University, its Faculties, its administrative departments and external parties. It evaluates the public's attitudes, links the University's policies with the public's benefit, and executes programs that gain the public's trust and support, all within the framework of an action plan that provides them with priorities and mechanisms to advance the University's progress.

Hence came the strategic plan of this Office, which we hope will reflect our vision through a wide range of creative means of communication that target a large number of audiences and are based on three main points:

1- link to the surroundings.

2- Arab and international partnerships.

3- Investments in the students in terms of developing their skills and creativity.


Achieving excellence and creativity in transferring the image of the University locally, regionally, and globally.


Strengthening the University's relationship with its internal and external society and consolidating positive concepts about the University.


The Public Relations and Community Service office seeks to achieve the following goals:

  • 1- Keeping abreast with the University's progress and development in all fields.
  • 2- Caring for healthy human relationships in society and winning the hearts of the masses.
  • 3 - Achieve the excellent reputation of the Applied Science Private University and promote its services and ideas to the target audience, through the definition of the University and its goals, philosophy and activities.
  • 4- Maintaining the University's image among the visual, audio, electronic and print media and social media, and monitoring it on a daily basis to ensure that the university news that is published to the public is correct and sound.
  • 5- Working to activate the foundations of understanding and cooperation between the University and national institutions (the government sector and the private sector).
  • 6- Working to strengthen the University with local and foreign institutions and civil organizations through mutual programs and visits, and holding and participating in conferences and exhibitions in various fields.
  • 7- Enhancing mutual understanding between the University and the local community institutions and individuals to achieve the public interest.
  • 9- Organizing and participating in programs and activities that work to create an appropriate environment between the University's administration and the individuals dealing with it from the public, and between the University's employees.
  • 10- Working to activate the communication between the higher administrative levels and the executive administrative levels and vice versa.
  • 11- Coordination between the University's faculties to achieve harmony between them.
  • 12- Reservation of the University's various facilities, such as (Conference Palace, Sports Stadium ... etc.) internally and externally.


Tasks of the Public Relations and Community Service Office:

-      Promotion and reception.

-      Advertising and media.

-      External and internal relations.

-      Organizing activities and conferences.

7/9/2020 4:57 PM