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Internal Audit Department

Internal Audit Department


The Department of Internal Auditing was established at the Applied Science Private University from the beginning of the university's establishment, and it is responsible for overseeing the assets of the facility and protecting it from theft and tampering, financial control of all university revenues and expenditures and providing an independent and objective review of all operations at the university in a way that serves and achieves the university's goals, as the audit department The internal task of field supervision of the various work of the university.

The message:

Ensure that the duties and tasks entrusted to it are carried out in all honesty and professional manner and submit reports to the university administration in order to correct and correct in order to serve all stakeholders in order to achieve the strategic goals of the university.

The vision:

Strive for excellence locally and regionally in the areas of financial control and internal auditing in accordance with international quality standards to achieve the strategic goals of the university.


  • 1. Providing senior management with reports for the purposes of evaluation, correction and accountability.
  • 2. Ensuring the proper functioning of financial matters, testing the accuracy of operations and their data, and examining the procedures and technical methods used to indicate the adequacy of the precautions taken to protect the university's assets and properties, and the extent to which financial matters conform to the laws, regulations, and instructions in force in the university.
  • 3.  Achieving fairness, transparency and financial accuracy.
  • 4.  Monitor the departments and the mechanism in which they work, and ensure that there is no error that allows fraud and fraud.
  • 5. mplementing management policies and monitoring implementation by employees in order to raise production efficiency.


Tasks and duties of the university's Internal Audit Department:

The internal auditor performs the supervision and auditing activities inside the university as follows:

First: Financial Auditing:

  • 1. Oversee and audit budget items from revenues and expenditures and submit periodic reports to the president on the university's financial affairs.
  • 2.  Auditing the company's bank payments through checking the bonds in a previous or later manner.
  • 3. Auditing the company's cash receipts and payments and the financial transactions executed in the financial department through auditing the issued bonds.
  • 4.  A sudden and actual inventory of cash in the box for several times.
  • 5. Follow up on customer receivables and debt reconstruction.
  • 6. Auditing the company's monthly and additional salaries and wages for some months.
  • 7. Follow up on all agreements and contracts.
  • 8. Regular financial follow-up to the various financial operations implemented in the financial department.

Second: Administrative audit:

  • 1.  Chairing the annual inventory committees for university assets, warehouses, books and references.
  • 2. Participating in the committees of receiving construction works, supplies and procurement.
  • 3.  Follow-up and evaluation of the procedures for purchasing supplies, implementing works and purchasing spare parts.
  • 4.   Follow up and evaluate the bus operating system and its maintenance procedures.
  • 5.  Sudden inventory of the contents of the university's warehouses.
  • 6.  Follow up on files and work of the Human Resources Department periodically.
  • 7.  Regular follow-up to the university's various administrative work.


Director of the Internal Audit Department:

A. Ibrahim Al-Maani


7/16/2020 5:59 PM