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Administrative Departments

Human Resources Department

Human Resources Department (HR)

Human Resources Department is responsible for supervising the work of the faculty members and administration and works under the supervision of the Vice President for Administrative Affairs, who follows the work of the department in all related to administrative systems and policies related to employees, as shown below:

1. Studying the functional needs of the different departments in the university on the basis of approved scientific bases and based on the plans of the university and make appropriate recommendations in this regard.

2. Directing and developing the mechanism of recruitment, selection, recruitment and contracting with all employees of the university.

3. Renewal of work contracts for faculty members and administration, and grant them annual increases according to the system.

4. Contribute to the preparation of the estimated budget of the Human Resources Department in relation to the salaries of employees currently and expected to be appointed.

5. Issuing certificates of experience and proof of work for faculty and administrative staff both from the resigners or those who are still at their jobs, in addition to issuing the documents needed by the employees after returning to their files.

6. Calculation of the entitlements of employees to those who finish their services at the university.

7. Supervise the follow-up of the implementation of the system of salaries and bonuses, incentives and rewards of employees in a transparent and linked with performance and career expectations.

8. Supervise the evaluation of performance of all employees of the university before the renewal of contracts based on the job description of each job using special models are updated as needed.

9. Studying the training and development needs of the employees in the various departments in the University and coordinating with the concerned authorities to meet these needs.

10. Supervise the preparation of statistics on the employees of the university, and distribute them to the persons concerned.

11. Supervise the preparation of documents related to labor disputes and follow up with the concerned authorities.

12. Follow up the employees' time and record leave to preserve their rights and rights of the institution.

13. Performing any administrative work assigned to him by the President and the Vice President for Administrative Affairs.

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