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Administrative Departments

Human Resources Department

​​​​ ​ ​The Human Resources Department​ comprises a number of departments and sections the most important of which are :

Department of Workers Affairs ( academicians and technicians)
Section of Administrative Officials Affairs .
 The office supervises the work of administrative officials and technicians , draws up employment policies, frames up , defines and follows up university needs for academic, technical, and administrative cadres, and makes proposals for developing human resources. The office is the link of officials with the university presidency and other university officials . The office implements its tasks via its departments . Some of these tasks are :

 Making studies on the number of teaching staff members and technicians and the actual needs of departments and faculties .
 Recruiting proficient cadres by announcing vacancies, receiving employment applications, classifying and studying them in cooperation with the academic and administrative departments concerned.
Taking the required measures for completing appointment processes and looking after officials' affairs .
Following up matters of academicians' contracts , their salaries , right and duties.
Following up workers' performance , alleviating the obstacles which impede their work, and exerting all efforts for improving and promoting performance.
Issuing documents needed by employees after carefully checking their files.
Following up the working hours of employees and recording their leaves and leaving to preserve their rights and the rights of the university .
The office receives visitors during the working hours. 

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