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Maintenance Department

About Department

The main objective of the maintenance department is to create a safe, sound, and comfortable environment in all university buildings and facilities, based on a specific and controlled program.

Main functions:

- Working on the sustainability of the existing systems in the university and maintaining their performance (electrical, mechanical, civil systems) by applying for the preventive maintenance program.

- Responding to maintenance requests from all parties, whether through official books or by phone.

- Implementing all specified projects and delivering them as per the rules.

- work to develop existing systems.

- Contribute to all activities and events held at the university.

- Provide public safety systems in all facilities.

- Implementing energy-saving plans.

- Follow-up and monitoring of all maintenance department agreements.

- Determine the specifications required for any purchase request or any bid.

These tasks are carried out by a highly qualified and qualified staff that qualifies them to maintain systems in all buildings and facilities of the university. The department is managed through the Director of General Maintenance. It includes technicians of all specialties (electrical, mechanical, carpentry, blacksmithing, paint, construction).

And coordination is made with the tenders’ department to obtain the necessary materials for maintenance or through the central warehouse.

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