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National and International Accreditations

The American ACPE Accreditation

​​The first private university in Jordan and the second private university in the Middle East to obtain the American ACPE accreditation for the Faculty of Pharmacy.



This achievement is a consequence of the quality of education in this faculty, which follows the highest standards and specifications required by the local and international accreditation. These standards are concerned with study plans and curricula. They also focus on the infrastructure of the faculty, including classrooms, laboratories, safety facilities, the organizational structure and the educational outcomes. In addition, they cover the development of faculty members' skills and the satisfaction of students and the local community.


Obtaining such a prestigious accreditation certificate indicates the following:

  • - ​It has a positive impact on the pharmacy profession and the educational outcome of the faculty as it goes in line with the labor market requirements.
  • - ​It enhances opportunities for students to compete with sufficient competence to pursue higher education in top international universities.
  • - It promotes recruiting distinguished local and international faculty members.
  • - ​It helps in obtaining external support for research in partnership with researchers from outstanding international universities and in publishing papers in top international journals.​

8/19/2020 4:40 PM