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National and International Accreditations

Qs Stars Rating

The first private university to obtain a five-star rating in all QS Star rating criteria


The Applied Sciences University received a five-star rating in the QS Stars Rating in 2021 as the first private university in Jordan in the latest revisit of the university's rating. The Applied Science Private University was the first private university to obtain four stars in the QS Stars Rating in Jordan and the Arab world in 2019.

The global assessment system QS STARs RATING is an assessment system for the performance of universities worldwide granted by the QS intelligence unit. The university's achievement in obtaining a five-star evaluation is a result of receiving a five-star evaluation in all the criteria that evaluate the university's performance in the following areas:

1. The academic development standard, concerned with teaching and learning, reflects the quality of education that characterizes the university, which is positively reflected in the outcomes of the educational process.

2. Employment standard expresses a high employment rate for the university's graduates in their first years of graduation.

3. The international standard, which is evident through the presence of more than 54 nationalities of students, contributes to our students' openness to different civilizations and cultures.

4. The inclusion standard reflects the university's interest in helping students with limited income and providing services for students with special needs.

5. The standard of services and infrastructure that reflects the quality of services and facilities available to students.

6. The standard of social responsibility characterizes the university through volunteer work, activities and events that serve the local community, thus contributing to enhancing students' communication skills and developing a spirit of cooperation.

7. E-Learning Standard, which evaluates the university's capabilities to provide distance education through e-learning platforms and computer and communication networks provided by the university.

8. Education Standard, which measures several aspects related to the quality of the educational environment in terms of the ratio of the number of students to faculty members, the extent of students' satisfaction with their academic programs, and the ratio of the number of students graduating from programs to the number of students enrolled in academic programs.

9. The special standard, which is based on choosing one of the university's academic programs to demonstrate the program's strength and excellence, and the Bachelor's Program in Pharmacy received a five-star rating in this evaluation.


7/31/2022 4:06 PM