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National and International Accreditations

Innovative Social Impact Certification (CFI)

​​​​​​​​The first university in the Middle East at the most innovative social impact for the second year Respectively.​

As a result of its efforts, ASU won the first position in the prize of Most Innovative Community Impact Research University in Middle East 2019, which aims to motivate others to continue improving their performance, raise the educational level and make a qualitative shift in the mechanism of obtaining information and scientific material and how to deliver them to students in a simple, flexible and interesting manner.

ASU has received the reward due to its advanced academic and applied level and scientific research. This is manifested in the following:

  • - ASU has the highest local and international rankings.
  • - ASU Establishes strategic partnerships with top universities around the world.
  • - ASU students are distinguished by submitting pioneering projects supported by ASU    to establish start-up companies. They are also well-known since they participate in      community service activities and show how excellence while they are studying.
  • - ASU comes on top of Jordanian universities in terms of publishing in Scopus    databases, as it focuses on research that is carefully conducted by its faculty    ​  members and greatly encouraged by ASU administration.​

8/19/2020 4:46 PM