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National and International Accreditations

Quality Achievement Award (European Society for Quality Research-ESQR)

The Applied Science Private University.. distinguished itself in quality worldwide.

Quality is an unmistakable title for the compass of those seeking excellence. Thus, no matter the standards, you will find this compass leading you towards the Applied Science Private University. ASU has been picked amid various educational and non-educational institutions around the world to win the Quality Achievement Award in 2021 awarded by the European Society for Quality Research-ESQR.

This award, granted by ESQR, comes in recognition of the University of Applied Sciences' efforts in its commitment to the highest quality standards and in recognition of its outstanding performance in this field throughout its history since its establishment.

The Excellence in Quality Awards program sponsored by the European Society for Quality Research (ESQR) adopts a holistic view in evaluating the strategies, initiatives and efforts made by business owners and enterprise leaders to improve the quality of services provided by their institutions. This award comes as recognition of the exceptional and creative efforts of employers and employees. The Applied Science Private University by this global institution to receive the award confirms that the university plays a pivotal role on a global level that led to its placement in the ranks of major global and international institutions.

The award was received at the prestigious ceremony held by the European Society for Quality Research in Dubai on December 11, 2021.

We are proud of the university's outstanding achievement, which is added to the list of successive achievements and successes it has accomplished. Our university has always been and still is a leading national educational institution that always strives for excellence in serving its country and nation.​

7/31/2022 3:11 PM

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