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About ASU

ASU Vision and Mission


"To be renowned internationally for excellence in teaching and learning, applied scientific research, sustainable development and community services"



To embed creativity, entrepreneurship, and continuous development in the fields of education, scientific research, human resources, and university and community environment; in addition to preparing a qualified generation of graduates that matches national and international standards to serve their communities. 



We Believe in:

1-    Governance and Strong Institution.

2-    Virtues and Loyalty.  

3-    Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

4-    Teamwork.

5-    Integrity and Transparency.

6-    Social Responsibility.

7-    Equality and Diversity


1. Support governance and strong institution.

2. Provide a conducive environment for teaching and learning. 

3. Synergize scientific knowledge and technical skills.

4. Excel in applied scientific research.

5. Promote partnership and community service.

6. Promote quality and excellence in education and services. 

7.  Foster sustainable development practices.


Strategic Objectives

1.     Develop a high-tech academic environment that supports the needs of all stakeholders. 

2.     Develop innovative academic programs that meet the market demands.

3.     Achieve excellence in scientific research.

4.     Promote community service and national and international Partnerships. 

5.     Support the achievement of sustainable development goals in various fields.

6.      Attract quality students. 

7.     Recruit distinguished faculty members and administrative staff.

8.     Advance in quality indicators through national and international, rankings and accreditations. 

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