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Vice-President Message

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Dean - Faculty of Pharmacy/ASPU

President Assistant for International Relations/ASPU

Professor in Clinical Pharmacy; Honorary Professor/Sydney University

First, I would like to give my sincere appreciation to all of you who are here to visit the Applied Science Private University (ASU) webpage. It is my great honour to be amongst the leading team at ASU, surrounded by a group of very talented, energetic, and dedicated professionals.

ASU's diverse community and the graciousness of values and mission make ASU a wonderful place for students to pursue their undergraduate and postgraduate studies, and for academics and researchers to fulfil their goals.

ASU strives to provide excellent campus services and facilities for students, faculty, staff, and all members of the ASU community. ASU had set goals to achieve excellence and reach distinction in the different specializations it offers, and great results have been accomplished. Throughout the pages and links of the ASU website, we seek to inform our visitors of our achievements, services and our great staff.

To be at ASU is exciting! The learning atmosphere allows students to cultivate their varied interests. Beyond ASU, students can also explore other horizons by joining the students who participate in our student mobility programs annually. Students will enrich their cultural experience, earn new knowledge about their field, and gain greater self-confidence through the abroad programs. 

ASU students enjoy the learning spaces around them, from the Library and its numerous resources to the 360 Center where entertainment and social life stand at its peak. The innovation and entrepreneurship centre are also distinctive at ASU, established in harmony with the vision of the Make Impact Consortium led by the MIT University. This is where students flourish their new ideas and projects, generating solutions to societal concerns.

Students can get their minds off the study every once in a while, to recharge – a necessary component of wholeness. They can make use of ASU enormous football field or visit the pleasant Gym. For those who simply need spaces of rest, there are sanctuaries that quiet the racing mind and heart from the pressure of studies, such as the ASU mosque and payer rooms found all around. 

All this and more comprise the package of education at ASU. I wish you all a good year of learning and teaching, and plenty of blessings!


Professor Iman Amin Basheti

2/12/2020 3:16 PM