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About ASU


  1. ​University President – Head.

  2. University Vice – President – Member.

  3. Students` Affairs Dean – Member.

  4. Law College Dean – Member.

  5. Nursing College Dean – Member.

  6. Business Faculty ​Dean – Member.

  7. Pharmacy College Dean – Member.

  8. Engineering College Acting Dean – Member.

  9. Arts and Humanities Acting Dean – Member.

  10. Art and Design College Acting Dean – Member.

  11.  Information Technology Acting Dean – member.

  12. Scientific Research and Graduate Studies Acting Dean – Member.

  13. Dr. Ahmad Al Rifa`i – Law College Representative – Member.

  14. Dr. Hiba Khalil – Nursing College Representative – Member.

  15. Dr. Dana Al-Najjar. Economic and Business Administrative College Representative – Member.

  16. Dr. Nabil Al-Nai`mi – Pharmacy College Representative – Member.

  17. Dr. Ali Bani Yasin - Engineering College Representative – Member.

  18. Dr, Sa`ad Mokdad Arts and Humanities Acting representative – Member.

  19. Dr. Mohammad Kamal Al-Din – Art and Design College Representative - Member.

  20. Dr. Fadi Masalha – Informatiion technology College Representative – Member.

  21. Registration and Accreditation Manager – Member.

  22. Finance Manager – Member.

  23. Library Acting Manager – Member.

  24. University Alumni Representative – Member.

  25. Dr. Yasir Yousef Jabir - Local Community Representative – Member.

  26. Mr. Abdul AHmid Al-Odwan - Local Community Representative – Member.

  27. Students' Representative – Member.

  28. Mr. Yasir Abdul Latif – Boards Secretary.

The University Council is chaired by the ASU President. It comprises the ASU Vice President(s), the Deans of Faculties, the Dean of Student Affairs, the Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies, a Representative from each Faculty, the Head of the Quality Assurance Unit, the Financial Manager. The Council meets at least once every semester.

The main task of the Council is to prepare the budget of ASU and discuss the financial position of the University. The Council also sets policies regarding the University's involvement in community service. In addition, the Council sets plans for relations with other academic institutions on an international level.

10/22/2018 1:40 PM